20 lbs Happy Endings Compost Tea Mix Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Fertilizer

20 lbs Happy Endings Compost Tea Mix Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Fertilizer

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Happy Endings is an all-natural root-stimulating tea mix that works for all stages of plant growth.

Treat Your Plants to Living Microbes and Organic, All-Natural “Liquid Gold” Nutrient Booster

  • Easy to use liquid plant food mix
  • Compost tea to nourish your plants
  • Great for flowers, vegetables, shrubs, roses
  • Enjoy amazing flowers and blooms
  • Help your plants grow faster and give higher yields
  • Won’t “burn” your plants
  • Get rid of synthetic nutrients


How to Brew It

What You’ll Need:

  • Happy Endings Tea Mix
  • 10 Gallons clean, 
  • Aeration pump (not included)
  • Clean container to brew the tea in (not included – large plastic garbage cans work well)



Add 1 cup Happy Endings per 10 gallons of clean well-aerated water (container and air pump sold separately). 

10 Gallons Water

1 cup Happy Endings Tea Mix

5 Gallons Water

½ cup Happy Endings Tea Mix

3 Gallons Water

⅓ cup Happy Endings Tea Mix


Start with a clean brewing vessel and aeration equipment for best results. Continue to vigorously aerate the mixture for 2 hours to 1 week. 

The tea mixture can be used full strength or diluted with 1 to 4 parts water. 

How to Apply It

Compost tea works best when it’s fresh! You’ll have the most living microbes to feed your soil and your plants. Use your compost tea within 24 hours of brewing for best results. The best time of day to apply is morning or evening. It works great when applied to your plants every week or two.

Full Strength or Diluted?

  • You can apply the tea either full-strength for sickly or stressed plants or diluted for healthy plants. Because there are no harsh, synthetic inputs, it will not “burn” or harm your plants when applied full strength. 
  • To dilute the tea: Mix the gallon of tea with a gallon of non-chlorinated or de-chlorinated water and apply. (To dechlorinate water, just let the water sit in a bucket or other container for 6-12 hours and the chlorine will naturally offgas.) 

How to Apply Compost Tea to Your Plants

Foliar – spray or pour it on the leaves of your plants (a watering can works great!)